Day 4: General Pharmacology III

I am exhausted! I spent all of today doing pharmacology. Man those ANS questions from Kaplan’s lecturenotes were so HARD! They give you a graph of someone’s BP or HR and administer 5 different drugs to the isolated heart/vessel, and you have to figure out how each drug would behave in the presence of that specific agonist/antagonist. They really made me think! I also did about 40’ish questions on pharmacodynamics/kinetics. Those were really hard too and I’m not really a math person 😦 so I ended up annotating the sample problems into my FA…I’ll just have to look at them one more time before the test.

Finally, I did 43 (that’s all I had) general pharm questions from my Kaplan Qbank. They weren’t nearly as hard as the questions they had in their lecturenotes so I was happy about that but I was very distracted as I was taking the test. I kept getting interrupted and so I made some pretty silly mistakes that I knew the answer to very well. I think without the distractions I had today I could have easily scored 85%.


I don’t know what I’m going to do with Cardio because according to my schedule I should have already finished at least the anatomy and physio part by the end of today….obviously didn’t happen and I seriously feel like I needed more time on pharm. I might have to use Sunday to catch up.

Okay well I have nothing else to say.

Till next time,