Where I’ve been…

Well well well, I owe this blog an apology. I have been MIA for about a week now. I know I have updated this blog with like two line entries about my “progress” but really and truly studying was just not happening. I guess I felt very discouraged after I found out that I could not take my test in June. I had initially planned to write it on June/20th, which meant that my results were gonna come out  around mid July. This would have given me two stress-free weeks before I start my clerkship. Now that I’m writing it on July/9th, not only am I not going to have any “stress-free” before clinicals but I’m also not going to be able to do my two weeks “observership” in Canada. And that sucks big time! Now I could have flown out to the US to write it but I just CANNOT sleep if I’m not in my bed. It sounds silly to some but I wouldn’t want to risk not getting enough sleep as I am practically non-functional without sleep. Plus traveling itself is very stressful and the last thing I need before the test is to have to worry about booking a flight and a hotel room and making sure that it doesn’t get canceled etc… So I decided to go ahead and book my test for July, 9th.

ImageIt really sucks when you find out that you don’t really have much to look forward to anymore. I don’t really feel motivated to study anymore 😥 But I really hope now that I have the test booked I can just give it my all for the next two months and get it out of the way. Come to think of it, two extra weeks means more time with my FA and Uworld which is always a good thing. I’m just worried that I’m going to burn out and run out of gas before July/9th. I hope that doesn’t that. Actually, that is the reason why I took a few days off. I just wish I had done something that involved being out and about. Instead I just spent the past few days texting and skyping with the Mr. who lives all the way in the mid-Atlantic. It was nice.

And that’s pretty much where I’ve been. I hope to get back to my regular routine on Monday.

Till next time,


One thought on “Where I’ve been…

  1. Did you take your step1 yesterday? How do you feel? Your blog looks like mine. I also take pictures of my FA and describe my sdudying. I wish you the best score you’d like to get! Fede

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