Day 11: Cardiology IV

I finally finished murmurs and the physio part but I am still not very confident answering questions on this section…I did some Uworld questions and although I don’t think it was terrible, I literally had to squeeze my brains out while I was doing the questions. Not to mention that I took forever to read and digest what they were asking. I also read too much into some questions so I don’t feel like I am very comfortable with this section yet but I have to move on. I have to say the average performance on the test I selected today (cardio physio only) was very impressive. People know their cardio! Some questions actually took me a good 10 minutes to think about and when I clicked to check the answer I saw that 75%+ got the answer correct. Now I wouldn’t be very upset if this was a question that took me a few seconds to answer but like I said some of these questions took forever to process. Image

Tomorrow I’m going to give physio one final look to tie all the loose ends and also to go over all the notes I made from Uworld. I really don’t like this section and if it weren’t for the fact that I spent >3hrs this afternoon “thinking” about these questions I don’t think I would have even scored average. If this was a “timed” test, I would have messed up big time! I plan to do more questions on physio. I’ll try some Kaplan maybe tonight before I go to sleep which is normally soon but about half way through the block I felt like I was going to fall asleep so I fixed myself a big cup of coffee so tonight should be interesting!

Anyways, I’m excited about starting pathology tomorrow although I doubt I’ll get very far.

I’m also expecting to hear from ECFMG pretty soon. Possibly tomorrow *SCARY*


Edit: Kaplan



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