Day 8+ Day 9: Cardiology II

The weather has been pretty bad for the past few days. Very gloomy and depressing and on top of that, we’re expecting 5cm of snow tonight! Just when we thought winter was over…

I didn’t blog yesterday. Partly because I was sick (I have IBS and it gets bad when I’m stressed out so yesterday was pretty much spent in the bathroom) and partly because there was really nothing to blog about, I didn’t accomplish much. Today, I was slowly recovering all the fluids I lost yesterday. I was dizzy and tired when I woke up this morning so it took me a while to regain my strength and get the ball rolling. I still didn’t accomplish much. I barely got through half of Cardio physiology. Still haven’t touched murmurs (murmurs give me nightmares). I am so behind and Cardio is giving me a hard time. I haven’t done any Cardio questions yet beside the 9 anatomy questions from last week. I am pretty nervous to try physio questions but its gotta happen.



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