Day 2: General Pharmacology

So I woke up this the morning and had to do something for my mother so that killed an hour or two of my morning and then I went back to review the stuff that I had learned the day before (general pathology) and for some reason, those tumor markers and oncogens were taking me forever to memorize. I ended up spending all morning making sure that I knew which ones were “Transcription factors” and which ones were involved in tyrosine kinase “receptor synthesis”. Interestingly, I managed to squeeze in an hour last night to listen to Dr. Goljan’s lecture on Cellular Injury. He said some pretty helpful stuff so I went back to FA and annotated the “already annotated” section. All in all, my morning was spent doing pathology! Not what I had planned but oh well. The afternoon consisted of ANS review. I have definitely forgotten a lot of my androgenic and chlonergic stuff so it was a slow process.

I managed to do 46 questions, this time I used USMLERx. I hate jumping around between Qbanks but I have no option, I don’t want to waste Uworld Questions on topics that I haven’t covered yet so I’m not going to just randomly select pathology. I would rather wait until I’ve covered the entire FA book before I start doing random Uworld questions…USMLERx was good, most questions were straightforward. They do rely on their book heavily in their questions and that’s what I like about them a lot. Some of their questions are kinda unfair sometimes lol….Image
They’re also very easy to go over compared to Uworld which could easily take 2-3 hours to review one block! I only attempted micro questions to make sure that I haven’t forgotten my microbiology and I think I was okay with the performance today…I just wish I was able to select General pathology questions 😦 Image

Really worried about how I’m going to fit all of General pharmacology into one day tomorrow and also do 46 questions (This time it will most likely be KaplanQbank as I can’t select general pharm on either Uworld or Rx).

I also attended a USMLERx Webinar today…It ran for about an hour and a half. It was actually a lot better than the last one I attended and it definitely helped me brush up on some areas like vasculitis which I have yet to cover.

It’s almost 10:00pm which means bedtime!

Till next time,


One thought on “Day 2: General Pharmacology

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