Neuro @ Starbucks


So Friday has been pretty unproductive…mostly because we were all following the Boston events very closely. What a tragic week it has been for all of America…no excuse to slack off on neuro of course but I just couldn’t help it. I was literally glued to TV all day…until they had him in custody. It’s still so hard to believe.
I meant to do a quick post on Friday morning after my interview with the First aid team, but I was distracted with all that was happening…I hope I made a good impression! I was a little nervous at first but I think Dr. Le is very humble and down to earth which makes talking to him less nerve racking. We had a pretty interesting conversation about what’s HY these days and how the USMLE is becoming more and more clinical in nature these days…
On a different note, I’m still reading high yield neuro anatomy and critiquing it at the same time (it’s actually taking a lot longer than anticipated) but I’m thinking that I should submit my notes by tomorrow so I could just move on and work on something different next week. In terms of reviewing, I went over micro today (bacteria only) it actually took all morning even though I had spent some time on the topic previously, it’s crazy how much details I have forgotten so it was good to go back and review. Also did 15 Kaplan questions an hour ago on micro and wasn’t impressed with the result, missed 5 questions. I don’t like how Kaplan’s questions are worded sometimes.
I also activated my usmleRx package which I “won” at a first aid webinar. Looking forward to using their express videos, flash cards and also the qbank.
K I’m gonna get back to neuro now
Till next time,


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