USMLE Step 1 Schedule

I was only planning on taking an hour to put this schedule together but I ended up spending 2.5 hours (well I was also cooking in between). Here’s what my schedule looks like at the moment. I still don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to choose June/18th as a potential date but that is what I’m shooting for!

*This schedule is based on reviewing FA!


2 thoughts on “USMLE Step 1 Schedule

    • Dear Leah,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I can certainly make a detailed post about my schedule, however I would rather wait until I’ve actually gotten into a specific “routine” for a week or so before a
      I blog about it. That way ill know exactly what works for me and what doesn’t. I promise, though, as soon as I have a good grasp of when I tire during the day, when my optimal hours are etc, you’ll hear from me.

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