Good Morning!

Good morning!
What a lovely winter we have this spring! It’s April, 15th but the weather outside makes you feel like you’re in December or January. Tis Sad. I have an appointment today with my ophthalmologist as my vision is slowly betraying me. Doing uworld questions and reading the explanations for hours and hours is really taking a tolls on my poor eyes….I really don’t wanna wear glasses. I don’t think they would look good on me anyways lol Now thats not something an aspiring doctor should say but I can’t help it. I’m a girl!
Well, I have a feeling today isn’t going to be very productive. I’d be lucky if I could get at least 2 hours of studying after my doctor’s appointment. It’s pretty snowy outside and coffee shops downtown are packed with really cold people looking for a hot cup of coffee and a warm place to stay until the storm settles. Huh!  I just realize something…”Really Cold” as in Ricketssia and Chlamydia bugs are “really cold” so they have to stay inside cells. Hahaha! Gotta love FA’s mnemonics.

So here’s what I have in mind for today’s very unpredictable schedule:
1) Get through as much of NBME 6 as possible (I couldn’t do much yesterday, I ended up taking the day off!)
2) Get through an old Uworld block which I failed to review after I got a not-so-impressive percentage
3) Squeeze in lunch with my brother (He’s helping out with interviewing MDIVs today for the Peds ER residency program!)
4) Possibly do 10 Random Uworld Questions when I get home (Won’t be before 5pm)
5) USMLE Slides: So I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now, I want to come up with a list of MC tested images on the usmle. I know I haven’t taken the test yet, duh, but I feel like a quick read of FA gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of images are HY…and it helps to have them all in one place so you can give ’em a quick look before the big day.

Boy am I optimistic!


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