So this is going to be my first entry ever in this blog…I guess I should start off by telling you why I created this blog. I guess I’ve just been studying for way too long now and I need some sort of way to let it out— an outlet. A way for me to reflect on what I’ve accomplished during the day and what I have learned possibly. A way for me to organize my ever-so-scattered thoughts.

I also need a little bit more structure in my life. I’m definitely lacking in that department at the moment… Ever thought of what life’d be like if there were no rules, no restrictions, no exams, no instructions, no one to tell you that you have a deadline to meet or that you have to ‘gather’ again after taking a 20 min break? Well, that’s pretty much where I am in my life. And no, I’m not done with medical school—I WISH; I’m just preparing for STEP1.

Whether you go to an American medical school or a Caribbean one, you have to be a highly motivated individual and that motivation has to come from within. And when you’re out of school for the next 3 months or so, preparing all alone by yourself, you not only have to be motivated to study but you also have to have very strong self-discipline. You can’t just let yourself take a 3 hr breaks (Which is exactly what I did this morning). And unfortunately, its not something thats going to happen or come to you overnight. It’s not a skill you acquire today and master tomorrow. You need time to develop it and nourish it.

Anyways, the reason why I wanted to get back to blogging was because I want to actually be able to look back at my week at the end of it and see what I’ve accomplished and what improvements I can make for next week. It’ll be brief hopefully, its not suppose to be a distraction.Or maybe just a healthy distraction 🙂 A break away from books and whining.

Till next time,


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